Projects and applications

cradle-to-cradle manufacturing technology

TracXon specializes in the manufacturing of HPE
using sheet-to-sheet (S2S) and roll-to-roll (R2R) printing
and component assembly.

lighting and signage

LED foil for lighting and signage

• Large-area “endless” R2R printed foils with integrated LEDs
• Ultra-thin form factor and flexibility
• LED size, pitch, driving can be customized in an
application-specific manner
• RGB or monochrome LEDs assembled by PnP machines using special bonding technology
• Can be delivered with a transparent adhesive backing tape to stick on to e.g. glass panels
• Opens up new product and application possibilities

health and vitality

Sensors for health and vitality

• Printed sensors enabling wearable devices for health and vitality
• Sensors to measure impedance, strain, temperature, pressure, motion, can be printed as arrays on flexible or stretchable substrates
• The electronics can “disappear” into clothing
• Resolution and sensitivity can be customized in an
application-specific manner

battery management

Sensors for battery management systems

• Printed NTC sensors based on unique formulation from TNO
• Large-arrays printed on ultra-thin polymer films (total stack thickness <100 µm)
• A light-weight solution for cell-level temperature monitoring to prevent thermal runaway
• Pressure sensing array can also be added to monitor cell deformation
• Valuable inputs to the BMS to ensure safety


Roll-to-Roll printed electronics

• Multi-layered circuitry printed on roll-to-roll equipment
• Low-cost substrates such as PET, PEN, PC
• Conductive, dielectric, resistive, sensing, graphic inks
• Circuit dimensions ranging from cm2 to m2
• Stack printing of several layers => no need for multi-layered PCB laminates and vias
• High throughput (>10 m/min)